This subject is aimed at guiding students to understand the Muhammadiyah as an Islamic and da’wah (propagation) movement as well as a tajdid (renewal) organization that has a significant role in the dynamic of Indonesia, both in the past and in the future. In addition, this course is intended to familiarize students the Muhammadiyah as a modern movement that have brought profound changes in social, cultural, economic and political aspects of the Indonesian Muslims’ life.

It is highly expected that by recognizing and understanding the Muhammadiyah (its history along with its doctrines), students will have strong commitment to Islam, in particular within spirit of da’wah and tajdid. It is hoped as well that by following this course, students will have proper and sufficient knowledge about Muslims’ struggle, both in global and national context, in disseminating the idea of renewal, in addition to be aware of the challenge of da’wah in the future.