Islamic Studies 2 is a compulsory course for all of the students in the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. This subject focuses on studying fiqh (Islamic law) and ushul fiqh (theory of Islamic law). Two subjects are strongly related since the first is laws as products, whereas the second is methodologies to produce them. Fiqh could be considered as one of the most fundamental Islamic sciences, as it correlates and responds to practical problems encountered by muslims in their daily life. Fiqh deals with the wide variety of issues, ranging from thaharah (cleanness) until siyasah and imamah (leadership and political discourse). Ushul Fiqh is a subject which copes with the question “how to formulate Islamic laws”. In another word, it talks about source, technique and quality of person behind the formulation of Islamic laws. These subjects are very relevant to students, not only due to their practical benefits, but also because they will give knowledge and skill to solve the problems that students will face in their life in this modern and changing era.